PhotoShine Version 5.5 Free trial

Use a simple interface to enhance photos with effects selected from an enormous gallery

Photoshine is a likeable software program for photo modification (we intentionally didn’t say photo processing) in various manners. It enables users to apply certain changes to their photos, such as an effect that turns photos into a sort of drawing, greeting card designs, and the like.
Why we don’t refer to Photoshine as a photo processing software program
Photo processing software programs, such as Photoshop or Photoscape, usually enable performing complex photo manipulations, such as erasing red eyes, changing the color of the sky, etc. in comparison, Photoshine's toolbox is quite limited, and your ability to use it in order to fashion a photo for a magazine will be limited at best.
Why we love Photoshine nonetheless
We love Photoshine because it's easy to use, it keeps the amateur user from getting into troublesome procedures and it delivers moments of joy. If all you wish to accomplish is an elegant greeting card or nicely modified photos, this is the tool you're looking for (the alternative, such as Photoshop, will simply require you to put in too much time and knowledge that you can't necessarily spare or that you don't necessarily have).
It offers numerous effects, and a variety of photo modification options that will make you, and anyone you share your photos with, smile.
Users come first